In early February, and again in March after the reopening of the filing period, The Alliance of Constitutional Patriots (ACP) sent a Congressional Term Limits Pledge to the 123 candidates from Texas running for the US House of Representatives and the US Senate who had an official FEC number and a valid mailing address on their web site.


Candidates were requested to review the pledge and return it to ACP whether or not they could support term limits. Eighteen pledges were returned signed. It is important to note that of the 32 incumbents, only one signed the pledge.


Those who did agree to Term Limits and signed the pledge to personally seek a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of congress are as follows:


US Senate: (Only 1 of 10 "official" candidates; 10%)

Glenn Addison


US House of Representatives: (17 of 113 "official" candidates;15%)

Eddie K. Traylor, CD-10            Kenny Marchant, CD-24 (I)

Dr. Pam Barlow, CD-13            Dianne Costa, CD- 25

Roberto Gonzalez, CD-14         Justin Hewlett, CD-25

George Harper, CD-14             Brian Matthews, CD-25

Ruben Ramirez, CD-15             Wesley Allen Riddle, CD-25

Corey Roen, CD-16                  Bill Lawrence, CD-33

Beto O'Rourke, CD-16             Jerry Doyle, CD-36

Maurice Duhon, CD-18             Kim Morrell, CD-36

Barbara Carlson, CD-22


The Alliance of Constitutional Patriots (ACP), founded in 2009, are the developers of the Candidate Job Interview process currently being used to vet candidates for local, state and national office by local patriot groups and national, cable television shows. The ACP focuses on dissemination of information of a strictly constitutional nature for the good of the public.