Responses From Candidates For Texas House HD-129


The Alliance of Constitutional Patriots, a local Clear Lake area grass roots group, formally asked each of the seven

Republican candidates competing for the HD-129 seat a series of questions relating to this race. 

Four of those questions are:


1.  Do you believe in Term Limits for Texas Legislators and if elected would you introduce a bill?

2.  Do you believe in a Recall Provision for Texas Legislators and would you introduce that bill?

3.  What do you believe is THE most urgent issue facing HD-129 now and into the near future?

4.  What is your opinion of Speaker Joe Straus?  Should he stay or be replaced as Speaker?


After three attempts to get his response, Mr. Jeff Larson has NOT provided the requested written response. 

The responses from the other six candidates follows:


Candidate             Question #1          Question #2          Question #3          Question #4

Sheryl Berg               Yes /  ?                   Yes /  ?               State's Rights          No Opinion

                                                                                               (10th Amend.)


Brisco Cain               Yes / Yes                 Yes / Yes           Flood Insurance      Replace Straus



Mary Huls                 Yes /  ?                   Yes /  ?                    Debt                     Replace Straus



Chuck Maricle          Yes / Yes                Yes / Yes            Flood Insurance      "Wait and see" 

                                                                                               TX Wind Storm


Brent Perry                    No                      Yes /  ?                    Federal                      -------



Dennis Paul         Believes in the       Open to the           Econ. growth           "We need a

                              election process         idea                      and jobs                 conservative"


NOTE:  The ? in the responses above indicate the candidate supports the concept but didn't comment as to

whether they would introduce it as legislation.


The six responders were also asked a fifth question regarding a proposed bill called the Balance of Powers Act

which would set up a committee within the Texas Legislature, made up of Democrats and Republicans, Senators

and Legislators, that could be called at a moment's notice, even when the legislature was not in session, to

effectively nullify any measure that came down from the feds and so notify the federal government that Texas

would not comply.  Their responses cannot be as easily quantified as the first four questions because they were

asked if the agreed with the concept and would they introduce the model piece of legislation if elected.

Candidates Berg, Cain and Huls all said YES they do support it but not necessarily  introduce it as legislation. 

Candidate Maricle said Yes to the concept but not necessarily to introducing the bill.  Candidate Perry is "studying it." 

Candidate Paul would be "interested in this bill and working to implement its goals."


Should Mr. Larson provide a written response, or any of the other candidates provide additional thoughts on the

Balance of Powers Act, they will be posted.


The purpose of this effort was to provide voters additional information with regards to specific issues facing Harris

County and the Great State of Texas.


Prepared by The Alliance of Constitutional Patriots; (